Our Mission

We are a grassroots, feminist, intersectional group of passionate Philadelphia progressives that stands in solidarity with all those organizing for justice, while simultaneously working to protect and strengthen democratic institutions in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Our Committees

If you are interested in getting involved in one of our committees, please contact us!

Political Revolution & Elections

Ensuring fair and just elections as well as maximizing voter turn out. Focusing on taking back the state in 2018 and forward.

Member Engagement

Focusing on new members, building community, and fostering collaboration by encouraging active participation in Philly UP, social, and community events.


Identifying issues and campaigns to which our members can contribute through daily, weekly, and ongoing actions, both in partnership with existing justice-oriented groups and in response to emerging political issues.

Education & Outreach

Providing civics education opportunities for all Philadelphians as well as recruit through action and service. A gentle on-ramp for interested people to join our movement.

Message Amplification

Disseminating action items, educational issues, and other important information across social media, through creative projects, and other venues in an effort to promote awareness and action among members and the public.

For calls-to-action

Please visit our Facebook page!

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